But don’t get paid for it listen to this ⬆

Join 118,000+ like-minded students


But don’t get paid for it listen to this.

Join 118,000+ like-minded students


We are constantly adding new skills and methods for generating wealth that we couldn’t previously disclose. Join The Real World and level up now.

Artificial Intelligence
Integrated in all Campuses
Artificial Intelligence
Integrated in all Campuses
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Join 118,000+ like-minded students

Our modern, practical approach to teaching has led to tens of thousands of our students generating money from anywhere.


Nox, 35
New revenue: $200,000/month
Nox had $3,000 to his name when he joined The Real World... He now generates $200,000/month as a business consultant.

Content Creation

Mena, 34
New revenue: $2k+/month
The Real World's positive impact on her boyfriend led Mena to join... Now, she makes over $2,000/month due to the lessons she applied from the Content Creation Campus.

Content Creation & AI

Seth, 19
New revenue: $10k/month
Seth worked a part-time job and had no monetizable skills when he first joined The Real World... He has since learned Content Creation & AI which has scaled his income to over $10,000/month.


AC, 20
New revenue: $40k/month
Chess Candidate Master AC made his own Crypto Trading Strategy using material in the Crypto Campus… He's no longer constrained to a job & has the freedom to pursue his love for Chess Coaching.

Content Creation & AI

Giannis, 30
New revenue: $100k/month
Giannis went from working night shifts at a regular job to earning $600,000 in 6 months after joining The Real World... He has successfully retired his parents and is now traveling the world.


Jacob, 29
New revenue: £20k/month
Jacob has generated £160k revenue (£40,000 profit) through Ecommerce… He had no Ecommerce experience prior to joining The Real World.


Ardi, 20
New revenue: $5k/month
After achieving results through The Real World, Ardi decided to leave University & pursue copywriting full-time. That decision has since made him over $20,000 & he's on track to have his first $10,000 month.

Crypto & Business Mastery

Ando, 35
New revenue: $100k/month
From an immigrant moving to the USA to making $100,000/month... Ando flourished in every avenue he stepped foot in thanks to the value The Real World provided him.

Client Acquisition

Stefan, 17
New revenue: $5k/month
In 4 months, Stefan made $10,000 & is now living in Thailand at just 17 years old... The Real World provided the tools for him to move from his hometown & secure a job with The Shaolin Temple.


Dana, 26
New revenue: $20k/month
Dana quit his high paying construction job to go all-in on learning E-commerce through The Real World. He has since made over $100,000 and is now building a brand online to share his story & help others become financially free through E-commerce.


Adam, 17
New revenue: $50k/month
At 17 Adam earns $50,000/month by using the knowledge he learned from The Real World... He is now in the process of relocating his family from the poorest City in his Country to Dubai.


Earl, 20
New revenue: $4k/month
Earl has earned over $50,000 since joining The Real World… From a negative bank balance to now making x3-4 more than the average income in Kenya.

Stocks & Content Creation

Seth, 25
New revenue: $10k+/month
Since joining The Real World: Seth learned to trade stocks while on deployment which earned him an average of $1k profit per day, he landed a huge position in his Security field, and became a Captain in 2 Campuses.


Alex, 15
New revenue: $9k/month
15-year-old Alex has earned €75,000 using resources available to him through The Real World... He now assists young men in overcoming laziness by sharing lessons from his successful Copywriting journey.

Client Acquisition

Tre', 30
New revenue: $40k/month
Since joining The Real World, Tre' has been able to scale his Construction Company to $40,000/month. The Freelancing Camus helped him pay off his family's debts & become a stronger leader for his team.


Ronan, 21
New revenue: $8k/month
From searching for work to becoming a sought-after strategic partner. Thanks to The Real World, Ronan now earns over $8,000/month.


Micah, 17
New revenue: $5k/month
At 17 years old Micah is making $5,000/month through Copywriting... He learned valuable skills in money-making & mindset which helped him afford his dream car, a Dodge Challenger.

Client Aquisition

Ted, 21
New revenue: $6k/month
With no prior experience, Ted learned Video Editing and professional AI image generation after joining The Real World… He has since earned $30,000 from clients he acquired through Freelancing while living in Kenya.


Saad, 25
New revenue: $30k/month
Through The Real World, Saad was able to partner with 4 like-minded students to form a Copywriting Business. They now live together in a luxurious mansion in Thailand, collaborating with multi-million dollar brands - Including The Shaolin Temple.

Business Mastery

Nicolas, 23
New revenue: $20k/month
Devastated by his brother's loss, Nicolas transformed into a successful entrepreneur, scaling his company to $2.5 million... Since joining The Real World, his business & AI skills have earned him a sought-after reputation by big tech giants.

Content Creation & AI

Chris, 43
New revenue: $10k/month
Chris was at a very low point in his life prior to joining The Real World... It gave him a new direction, and in only 2 weeks he turned his last $75 into $2000. Since then he has scaled his income to $10k/month through Content Creation.

Client Acquisition

Adrien, 20
New revenue: $4k/month
When Adrien saw the money his friend was making through The Real World, he took out a loan & joined... That same month, he made $600 & now makes $4000/month as a video editor living in East Africa.

Amazon FBA

Danny, 25
New revenue: $10k+/month
Dan quit his 9-5 and earned $50,000 within 4 months of joining The Real World... Giving him the freedom to train for Ironman Triathlons and 100 mile Ultramarathons.
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Join 118,000+ like-minded students


Is the program suitable for women?

THE REAL WORLD is suitable for any person, regardless of gender, who aspires to learn.

Additionally THE REAL WORLD has a very large female membership base, many of whom have made out to be some of our greatest success stories.

How quickly will I make my money back?

It depends on how seriously you take The Real World. But many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

Note: Everything taught within The Real World is for educational purposes only. It is up to each student to implement and do the work.

The Real World team doesn’t guarantee any profits or financial success.

Do I need money once I’m inside TRW?

Not necessarily.

Once inside The Real World, many of our students chose Copywriting, Social Media & Client Aqusition, Content Creation + AI and Fitness, which are businesses without money requirements, and saw great success!

Does my age really not matter?

No. Instead of getting the newest videogames just to find them boring in a week, you can join our community, start your business and shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.

I know nothing about the skills you teach. Is it a problem?

Of course not.

This is a mentoring program, and you are here to learn from us.

Just follow our step-by-step lessons and guidance, and you will start a profitable business.

I live in X country, and my English skills are not very advanced. Is that a problem?

Not at all.

At The Real World, we teach you how to make money, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Your location will only change the currency of your earnings.

It doesn't matter how good you are at English. You don't have to talk or write in 'The Real World' if you don't want to. If you don't understand something, you can use Google Translate. More than 50% of our students are from places where English isn't the first language, and many of them are succeeding now. The things we teach can be applied in any country!

I don’t have a lot of time available, can I still apply?

The methods we teach are designed for rapid execution.

So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your professors and apply what you’ve learned.

Will I get access to all the courses once I join?

Yes, when you join The Real World you get access to all of our courses, not just one.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can email us at or click on the chat icon at the right side.

Join 118,000+ like-minded students